Do What We Do

I recently finished reading Tony Dungy’s book Quiet Strength . I already liked Coach Dungy, but liked and respected him even more after reading this book. There are some great leadership principles and family principles in this book. One of the things that he wrote that we spent time discussing at our mini staff getaway this week, was his philosophy and vision for his teams. Beginning at Tampa Bay, as he began his coaching career by taking over a perennial loser, Coach Dungy instituted a new philosophy that changed the perspective, and ultimately the record of that team. It also carried his next coached team, the Colts, all the way to a Super Bowl championship. It was a simple philosophy that, no matter what happened the year before, never changed. No matter how long success took, it never changed. Here is what Coach Dungy’s successful teams are built upon:

  • Whatever it takes.
  • No excuses. No explanations.
  • We do what we do.

It can be so easy for us to get caught up in trying to always “one up” ourselves or others. We can spend so much time trying to recreate our vision rather than going back to the thing God called us to do. Do it well, without excuses when we stumble or struggle. Doing whatever it takes to follow and fulfill the vision God gave us. And keep doing what we do. If God has called us and given us a vision, we need to do what we do. Not meaning that we get stuck in a rut. Not that we just keep muddling along without a real vision anyway. Not that we don’t get creative and think and move forward. But that we simply do what we are called to do. If we keep this philosophy in mind, I think that in time, just like Coach Dungy’s teams, we’ll see God do amazing things. We’ll eventually see more fruit than we could imagine.

What do you think? Is this a philosophy that translates to church planting? What about family? What about leading in business?

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