Sunday Recap 7-6-08

Today was a great day @ The Ridge! While attendance was down at the usual summer pace, I had expected a serious dip with the 4th of July weekend. However, that was not the case. Good attendance, good giving, several guests. A good day as we kicked off our “We” series talking about what it would look like if the church really got their act together and became one as GOd intends.

Last night (Saturday) we had an awesome opportunity to touch literally thousands of folks. We were able to hand out water and glow sticks at the county fireworks show. We gave out over 2000 bottles of water and 5600+ glowsticks. It was cool to look out over the crowd as it got dark and see literally thousands of glow sticks. each one representing someone that our folks had a chance to touch. Each one receiving a card inviting them to The Ridge. Very cool!

We also had what turned out to be the “hit” of the event, I think. We had six Cornhole games set up. There were also a bunch of folks who received info about our Cornhole tournament on July 19th. You can check it out at . Tons of folks were interested and many of them got hooked as they learned about the game. Just another opportunity to touch people in our community.

Major props to all the folks on our Community Ministry Team that organized and prepared for this event. Kudos to Wendell for putting the team together and to Sally, Randy, Brett, Joyce, Chevonne, James, Linda, and Amy for spearheading and to the host of Ridgers who came out and helped walk among the sea of people to hand our water and glowsticks and invites to The Ridge. You all may never know how God will use your selfless efforts. Thanks! I am so proud to be your pastor!

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