You’ve Got Hell!

Lane Palmer @ Dare2Share Ministries sent out this great e-article this week. Interesting read. Its a little long, but definitely worth checking out:

So the internet and blogosphere is all a-twitter with shock and awful opinions of a new website called You’ve Been Left Behind.

Essentially, these folks offer a $40 yearly service that allows you to compose and store up to 62 e-mails that will go to your unsaved friends and loved ones (should you be taken in the Rapture) – and give you one more chance to share that Jesus is their only hope of salvation.

In a word…wow.

Now I know that you’re reheheheally thinking that I’m kidding.

Nope. Fer real –

OK – so people are concerned about what might happen to their loved ones and friends left on earth after the Rapture. I get that. What I do not get is the methodology here. What about a letter like, right now? And do you think that if millions of people disappeared in a flash that people would need a post-disaster Captain Obvious e-mail to let them know what happened?

And are we assuming that the internet will be fully functioning on the heels of the greatest human disaster in history??? Heck, mine goes out every couple days in perfect conditions – I’m thinking that the Rapture might cause a few servers to go down.

My thought is this: take the $40 and take your friends or family members out to lunch. Tell them in a non-condescending and non-judgmental way about how Christ has completely changed your life and given you the hope of heaven when you die.

To read the rest of his post, click HERE.

I have had the privilege this week to see several individuals take the step across the line from belief to faith. It is awesome to watch how God works so differently, so individually to draw people to Himself. Each person has a unique story, but each one was influenced by somebody to take that step of faith. Who have YOU influenced lately to? God is the one who draws men to himself, but He allows us to be His instruments. You have a story, if you are a Christ follower. Tell your story to someone (don’t beat them over the head with it), just let them know what happened in your life. It might be just what they need to hear to help them take the final step. Or it might be just what they need to hear to begin a journey of seeking God. Whatever, just love ’em and tell ’em.

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