Who’s in your church?

I was reading my friend Michael’s blog today and he was talking about a conversation he had recently with Vince Antonucci. Vince said that the only people he wants in his church are lost people and missionaries. So simple, so…duh!…that we forget about what our mission and purpose is. I tell our people all the time that we don’t have members at The Ridge, we have missionaries…partners in the vision. As a matter of fact, in just the last couple of weeks, have changed the name of our “membership” classes from Discover 101 & 201 to Partnership 101 & 201 subtitled, a workshop for ministry and missions partnership @ The Ridge. Churches can have a tendancy, even church plants, to find people who are all about hopping from one church to another and try to get them to hop to our church, because it is the latest, coolest thing. What we get are people who are looking for something for themselves a lot of the time. They seemingly have no desire to be about the mission. We’ve lost some people over the years because, honestly, I think they wanted something for themselves and they didn’t want to serve and work to see God’s mission accomplished. That’s fine. I am okay with that. There are plenty of churches where you can go and be anonymous. Some say, “well, I just need to be fed for a while.” That’s cool, but be fed as you serve the Lord to reach others. The problem is the longer you sit and get fed without exercising, the fatter you become and the harder it is to get up; it becomes easy to just continue sitting there. I think you grow healthier by serving (exercising) as you are fed.

Like Vince and Michael, I want The Ridge to be a body of believers…missionaries…partnered together to accomplish the vision God has for His church @ The Ridge: “to impact a generation by changing people’s perspectives“. Those who attend, I want to be individuals and families who are lost, unchurched, far from God, but looking for answers…OR they need to be Christ followers who are being called by God to get on this battleship and join the mission! Those seeking a cruiseship voyage need not apply. ( a cruiseship is all about you and having your needs met; a battleship is you being all about the mission)

So, who’s in your church?

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