Sunday Recap – What A Day…

It started out normal enough. Heading to the school to set up at 6:30am, my 12 year old son with me. Well, it was evident that summer had kicked in full swing when I arrived and there was me and two other guys to unload the trailer. I thought “Oh, no. It’s going to be a lean day.” The band and tech guys started arriving and helped out. A few stragglers came in and all in all the Operations Team did their usual stellar job. So, no problems. 7:30am, my wife calls and informs me she is taking our one year old to the E.R. She was wheezing and very labored breathing with over 103 temp. Not good for a Sunday morning. I had to go back home and get the rest of the kids ready and bring them back with me. Oh well, things could be worse. (The baby is fine, by the way. Read my wife’s blog about it HERE.)

The rest of our two gatherings were, shall we say, a compilation of little mishaps. There were so many little things that didn’t go right or just plain went wrong that It would take too long to tell them all. Most were no one’s fault, just breakdowns all along the way. I was already not focused as much as I wanted and all the little stuff didn’t help. Everything from breakers being tripped to doors not being unlocked for preschool classrooms to communication cards not being put out. The good thing, I suppose is that most people didn’t even notice. Our volunteers did a great job of pulling everything off on what seemed at times like we were missing a few cylinders.

We had several new folks today and that was great. We had a decent summer attendance, in spite of several of our regulars who were out of town. The Offering was even pretty good. To top it all off, God still moved and spoke to people’s hearts. Several indicated that they were making various commitments to Christ and needed prayer to be “set free” from burdens and sins, as we talked about. Several people who exited commented on how the message and the music spoke to them. Amazing! God still does His thing even when most of the wheels seem to be falling off! 🙂 Well, that’s not really amazing, because He doesn’t need us to do His thing…and I’m glad about that!


1 Response to “Sunday Recap – What A Day…”

  1. 1 Mike
    June 1, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    I thought it was another one of your great services. Message was good. I liked how you put together this lecture series.

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