Yesterday, my # 3 child and oldest son turned twelve. Read my wife’s thoughts on it here. Twelve is a time when we see Jesus in the temple for the first time. It has always been interesting to me, that the first word recorded in scripture of our Lord were as a 12 year old, pre-pubescent boy. That word? “Why…” (Luke 2:49) Pretty appropriate for his age I always thought! 🙂

When each of our kids turn twelve, they get a trip with me to anywhere in the continental US. My oldest went skiing in Colorado, my next one went to Disney World. My son wants to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame and catch a game in NY. On these trips, we spend a couple of days having fun and the evenings praying and doing some Bible study and talking about what is to come in their teenage years and into young adulthood. We talk about purity and I give them some tools to use as they journal and pray and study God’s Word. On their trips, my two oldest daughters received a promise ring that had been my wife’s wedding band (she wears it, then gives it to them and gets another, each time passing one on to them). This ring is to be worn and given to their mate on their wedding night. I told them that there need only to be two men in their life until they meet the one God has planned for them to marry…Jesus and their dad. I will be taking my son on such a journey sometime this year. (it doesn’t always happen ON their birthday…depends on calendar and budget 🙂 ) His will be a little different approach as a boy, but will have basically the same goals.

Twelve is the beginning of rite of passage. It is the beginning of changes, physically, emotionally, spiritually. It is when this young boy will start a trek toward manhood. This is pretty personal and I don’t ever do this, but I thought I’d share with you what I wrote in my prayer journal yesterday for him:

Lord, give me wisdom to be the husband and father you want me to be. Thank you for my son. Thank you for making him a special part of our family. I pray that he would grow to be a godly man, husband, and father. May he remain pure in heart and mind and body. Keep him and protect his purity until he meets and marries your chosen mate for him. May He be used by you to impact a generation for Your Kingdom. I pray for his wife that you keep her pure and grow her to be a godly woman. Thank you for blessing us with him! Give us wisdom to train and guide him in your truth.


The man!

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