See Rock City

Monday, we took our staff leadership team along with their families to Chattanooga for a day trip. We did Rock City and picnicked and hung out at Coolidge Park on the Tennesse Riverfront. It was a great time! We got to relax, play, hang with our families and connect with each other better.

Our team has been super busy this spring and have worked their tails off the last three months. That’s why I wanted to let them all take a break and for us to just get away for a day. It was needed and appreciated. There is great value in just doing something simple, but fun and out of the norm with your team…and especially their families all together. It was very valuable for our wives and kids to connect as well.

The only negative was that my van broke down in Chattanooga (oil pump went out) and we had to rent a vehicle. Fortunately, since I lived there in the past, I had some friends I could call on. They helped us out be getting the van to a shop for us and giving me a ride to the rental place. I have to go back Wednesday to pick it up. (Hopefully it won’t be too much 🙂 )

I love our team and I am excited about the future at The Ridge! God is putting together a great team for the immediate future and I know He has great plans for beyond!

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