Sunday Recap

Busy weekend! Our staff and volunteers hit a homerun yesterday as we hosted the free screening of Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian . 300 people showed up at Movies 278 in Hiram for the film. Most of those were unfamilar faces. We handed out cards with things to discuss with your family about the movie and an invitation to The Ridge for our “Finding The Truth In Narnia” series. The cool thing was, the theater management agreed to pass out these cards with every ticket purchased from now on for the movie!  The potential to touch hundreds more families is huge!

Today, we kicked off our “Finding The Truth In Narnia” series. We looked at the overall theme behind C.S. Lewis’ writing of this particular book: a culture that has lost its faith and the restoration of that faith.

Major props to John, Ross, Chris and Michelle for their creativity. The door to the cafetorium was transformed into a large wardrobe. Handmade, real wood…it was very cool! After walking through the wardrobe we found ourselves surrounded by trees and even a large working lamp post…it was amazing! Don’t tell me you can’t make creative environments while you’re portable. Its just a matter of being creative and willing to do a little work. Great job!

John, Jason and the band sounded great! Our “new look” band is starting to mesh pretty well. Sounding better every week. Stan, Chris, Michelle and the rest of the tech team did a fantastic job today as well. All went smooth.

Attendance was good and we had 8 first-time families there today. However, we can already see signs of the summer attendance drop off beginning. Hopefully, the summer will also continue to bring a bunch of new families to The Ridge.

Tomorrow, our staff and their families are going on a much deserved day-getaway. We’re heading up to Chattanooga to Rock City.  Lookin forward to a great day of hanging out with our team and families.


One thought on “Sunday Recap

  1. Mike

    Yes, another great message. My wife and I just started going to your church. We were originally going to West Ridge.

    I have not read any of CS Lewis books or seen the movies. My wife did go on Saturday. She is a big Narnia fan.

    You are correct we are a nation that has started down the wrong path. The recent events regarding Gay marriage is just another example. “Political Correctness”; is our down fall.

    What you talked about on Sunday regarding CS Lewis’s books and the underlying message.
    God, created man kind. Witness our influence of evil/wrong and directed the writing of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Human nature has not changed and will not change. God created us. What does change is how we act in our current environment and social settings.

    We are the “Look at ME” society that is influence by what others think. We should be asking ourselves: “What would God think? What does Jesus think?” These are the ones we should please.

    I believe if we please our creator, follow the instructions he left us, then everything else on earth will be taken care of.

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