This weekend is gonna be big!

I am so excited about this weekend! Tomorrow (Sat.) is THE day we’ve been working toward. Volunteers are ready. Wendell has been busy organizing. Ridgers have been inviting people.

The FREE screening of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is almost upon us! Have we bitten off more than we can chew? Will this be another “egg-drop” type of event? I hope so! I hope that God does even more than we can imagine. I hope and pray that we have boatloads of people at the movie and at The Ridge Sunday morning!  I am praying that someone is also going to come up and offer to pay for the second two theaters so that everyone will get in free. I am praying that hundreds of individuals and families will be impacted and come check out church (The Ridge or elsewhere) for the first time. I am praying that there will be many who will put their faith in Christ Sunday and follow Him for the first time. All as a result of this crazy idea and investment of time, money and energy! That’s a big weekend! That’s what its about. That’s why we do what we do! Join me in praying for this weekend AND in inviting people to The Ridge for this exciting series “Finding The Truth In Narnia” over the next 3 weeks.

How big are we actually praying for God to move in our community? If you could pray big, crazy prayers for the community, what would they be? I’d love to hear from you on that.

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