T-minus 3 days and counting!

Three days until The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian! Okay, I know its only two days because the release is on Friday. BUT…in 3 days, if you can wait less than 24 hours, you might get to see it free!

Showtime will be 10:00 AM

 That’s right! The Ridge is sponsoring a free showing of this much anticipated motion picture for the first 600 people in our community to show up. The remaining 500 will be admitted for $4.50. We only have a total of 4 theaters reserved, so there is limited space. Get to Movies 278 in Hiram early! Doors will open at 9:30 am.

Then this Sunday, May 18th, we will be kicking off an exciting series called “Finding the Truth In Narnia“. You will not want to miss it. It is going to be an awesome series! I am pumped about it!

Ridgers, bring your friends! NOT your Christian friends who go to another church, but your friends, neighbors, co-workers who don’t go to church anywhere! This is the greatest opportunity you’ll have to get them to come to something, because they are likely going to come see this movie at some point anyway. We’ll be giving away a few door prizes and also giving everyone an invitation to The Ridge along with some ways to talk about the movie with your friends and family.

See you all Saturday and Sunday!

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