Weekend Recap

Mother’s Day @ The Ridge was great! We gave away a brand new washing machine to a mom in both worship gatherings. Nothing, I know, like what went on here, but pretty cool nonetheless. There were men flipping pancakes in the atrium and power tools and sports equipment on stage…wait a minute, what? Yeah, we tried to set a masculine tone from the stage to music. My gift to all the moms was that I was going to talk to the men. (But I think the principles we talked about applied to all.)

Great Expectations was our theme. We looked at what God expects from us, our families and His family. Ephesians 5:1-12 is where we find these expectations. Boils down to these things that God expects of us as His family:

  • imitators of God
  • walk in love
  • no hint of immorality
  • thankful heart
  • stay out of the dark

How are you doing on that list in your life and in your family? How about us as God’a family? Men, we are to be the spiritual leaders in our homes and until we are totally surrendered to Christ in our lives we can never meet these expectations. Neither will our children. We would love for these things to be true in our kids’ lives, but we aren’t willing to make them true in our own.

Ladies, how are you doing on this list? It is up to you to encourage, pray for, walk alongside your husband in shepherding your family, but you have to let him lead or he may never do it. Even if he is only to a point where he can lead a little, let him do it. Don’t push him, but encourage him and pray for him. If he is to take the lead spiritually, he needs to know you’re with him. If he knows that, he’ll lay his life down for you as he is supposed to.

When we are fully surrendered to Christ, we will meet His expectations. Great expectations require great surrender.

What has so ruined the reputation of God’s family is that we have lowered the expectations to a level that we can attain ourselves or that we are comfortable with. We rationalize sin in our lives and keep our will at the forefront. This doesn’t cause the world to look favorably at us, the body of Christ, because they see no difference. We’re not to be pious and say “we have it all together.” Rather, we are to be humbly, honest and let them see that we are, in Christ, a “new creation.”

It is only through surrender to Christ and his grace, that we can meet these expectations. He makes all things new and enables us to live a life of surrender. When that happens, the world takes notice.

Look over the list again and the whole passage of scripture. How are you doing with these family expectations? …in your family and in His family? Church leaders, how are we doing?

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