Today is my second oldest’s birthday. She is 15 today. I can’t believe it! My wife blogged about it HERE.

Last month my oldest turned 17. She is driving now, which is a relief on our schedules as she is able to drive herself and her sister to dance classes each week. In addition my wife loves being able to send her on the occasional Kroger run. 🙂

The next 6 weeks will have 5 birthdays and one anniversary, including my youngest’s 1st, my son’s 12th, and the two “peas in a pod” sisters turning 10 and 8. It is going to be fun month! My wife and I will celebrate 21 fantastic years of marriage on the same day my daughter turns 10 (June 6). This will mark the end of the “birthday season” as we call it around here.

I am blessed beyond measure by God’s loaning these 8 kids to us.

I am always amazed at what He is doing in their lives and can’t wait to see what He is goin to do THROUGH them for His kingdom!

3 thoughts on “Birthdays

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