Sunday Recap…WOW!

Well, today was our 2nd Anniversary and we pulled out all the stops! As you know we had one big worship gathering in a huge tent on the Kroger parking lot. It was amazing!

We didn’t get a complete count, but over 535 people were there! The energy was awesome! God certainly showed up in a big way. We had several people choose to put their faith in Christ today. We also had about 20 new families register as first time guests! Thanks to Mitch and Longhorn’s of Douglasville for lunch! What a great meal!

We commissioned out Doug & Shelley Garvin to plant Canvas Church in Savannah next year. We were able to present them with some seed money that had been given back in December as part of our “gift offering” as well as take up a love offering for them. In addition, about 15 others who have felt led to join them and relocate to Savannah later this year stood as we prayed for this team. It was exciting to be a church that is just two years old and is already multiplying! Wow! God is doing amazing things. I can’t even wrap my mind around what He is doing and going to do! It is certainly well beyond me or any of us!

We finished up our “got hope?” series today as part of the celebration. We also announced 2 new part-time staff members: Ashley Graziano will be coming on board June 1st as our Family Ministry Associate in charge of coordinating RidgeKidz & RidgeKidz Jr. Jason Johnson will be joining our team as Worship Coordinator.

Our staff is going on an “advance” retreat tomorrow to look forward into the fall. I’m excited to get away and focus. It is going to be a quick 2-day trip, but we’ll work hard and focus for about 36 hours. Please pray for our team Monday and Tuesday.

I can’t end without giving major props to Wendell and our Operations team. Wendell coordinated the event this weekend and made sure everything came together. He and some other guys even spent Friday and Saturday night out in the big tent! David Blount and Scott Byers did AMAZING work as the leads of our Operations Team. Huge PROPS to those guys! Couldn’t have happened without them!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap…WOW!

  1. Donna Martin

    I was so moved by the information on Lamin. It’s like the fingerprint of God on every cell in our bodies. I’d like to get a copy of the diagram so I can forward this information to some friends.

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