The Tent is UP!

The tent is UP for our Second Anniversary Gathering at the Kroger shopping center on Ridge Road!

This Sunday is going to be a great time of celebrating what God has done and is doing, but it is more importantly going to be a chance for us to “take church TO the community.” We have already had lots of people stopping by to ask, “what’s going on?” You definitely are conspicuous when you put up a huge tent in front of Kroger!

We are praying for many new people to come and check out The Ridge this week. We are praying that people who need hope will be here as we close out our “got hope?” series. We are praying that someone who may be giving church one last shot might just walk into this tent and have their perspective on the church and God changed. We are praying that Jesus will be made famous in our community this Sunday under a big tent! If you’re in the area come join us at 10:30am Sunday! If not, pray with us as we celebrate 2 years @ The Ridge!

One thought on “The Tent is UP!

  1. Elizabeth Frey

    Mr. Steve,
    my name is Elizabeth Frey.I am Keith Frey’s daughter.I just wanted to let you know i love this church and i put my faith in Christ today on 4-20-08.
    thanks to everybody there.
    i love you guys and i love this church!!!


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