We just finished another great lifeQUEST Small Group session at our house tonight! I love our group. We have really become more and more connected and as one group member put it tonight “safe” with each other. We finished up a study tonight and next week is couples date night for our group. We’re going out…without the kids. Lookin forward to it! I am pumped about our group and other groups and seeing the life-change taking place in so many people!

I’m also pumped about this coming Sunday! it is going to be amazing as we celebrate our second anniversary @ The Ridge!

What I’m pumped about is that we are staying focused on what God has called us to do: Keep Reaching Out To The Community! That is why we felt we should “take church TO the community” as we celebrate what God has done these past two years and is going to do in impacting another generation. So we are having our worship gathering at the Kroger shopping center in a big tent!

Many perspectives have been changed over the last 2 years. Many individual hearts have been changed. Many families have been impacted. Our community is being touched. And God is stretching us even beyond as we look forward. God is beginning His work of impacting another generation…and He is starting HERE! That pumps me up and humbles me all at the same time. This is and has always been and I pray will always be HIS vision @ The Ridge. No one else’s. I pray that He will continue to draw people to Himself and change their perspective.

I am thankful to EVERY person who has partnered with us in this vision and has served strategically by volunteering and serving the Lord in their “sweet spot”. I thank God too for those who have invested their resources in God’s vision here. Mostly I am thankful for those who have prayed diligently for God’s Kingdom work @ The Ridge. Please continue to pray for wisdom, leadership, direction, provision, protection for this young Body of Christ followers, for this Body to remain healthy, and for us to never lose His perspective on the world around us. Pray for the over 90% unchurched of our county. Pray that God would use us and the other churches in our area to impact our community and beyond.

Thank you God for allowing us to be a part of YOUR work. It is a privilege and very humbling. We’re not worthy, but we’re willing.


2 Responses to “Pumped!”

  1. April 16, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Wow. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary. Sounds like God is up to some awesome things @ The Ridge. Keep up the great work. Just found the blog and love it!

  2. April 17, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement, Pete. Things at Crosspoint Nashville are hoppin! I’ve seen your blog before. Plan to check it out more often. Say hello to our mutual friend David Landrith next time you see him.

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