Easter Sunday Recap 3-23-08

What a great day! God was faithful, our strategic service volunteers were phenomenal, the band kicked it, people responded, and there was even livestock in the room…really! It was a great Easter Worship Gathering at The Ridge and God is to be praised for it all!

We had 555 in attendance in our Easter Gatherings @ The Ridge! ( A little short of what we were praying for, but God brought who He wanted and it was still huge!). We had 16 first time families who registered accounting for 34 total first timers registered. We also had 12 salvations indicated and numerous rededications in each gathering!

We had men in Easter bonnets parking cars in the lot and Wendell brought a cow into the service, confusing our “got hope” series with the “got milk” campaign. Interesting!

Thanks and praise to God for everything that happened today. Major PROPS to all of our strategic service personnel! Incredible effort!

Next Sunday is going to be amazing! If you are a Ridger or if you are in our area, don’t miss it! Bring someone with you who needs hope and who doesn’t attend church. Let them know that their perspective on church will definitely be changed @ The Ridge.


1 Response to “Easter Sunday Recap 3-23-08”

  1. 1 Kaye Walker
    March 24, 2008 at 8:27 am

    We certainly enjoyed and appreciated the service Easter morning. First there were the guys out front with their bonnets on…where’s my camera when I need it. Then ‘the cow’…what a hoot. The message was incredible and heart filled. The singing with the Passion of the Christ in the back ground brought tears to my eyes. You guys are awesome. We look forward to every Sunday.

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