We DIDN’T Go To Church Today…

What a day! Over 200 people showed up @ The Ridge today, not to GO to church, but to go out into the community to BE the church! We had over 15 projects going. We did yard work and some fix-up work for several military wives whose husbands are deployed. We also did some projects for single moms and widows. In addition we did some work at our community ballpark helping get ready for the opening of the season this week (that was my team, who did a fantastic job, by the way! 🙂 ); we also had teams handing out water at the Silver Comet trail in 3 different stations. Another team was at our community Kroger, washing windshields and checking tire pressure at the gas pumps as well as helping people with their groceries. There was even a disabled veteran who had returned injured from Iraq, only to have his wife leave him with their two children. We were able to give him a donated freezer and stock it with a bunch of home cooked meals, compliments of several of our ladies. Wow! Praise God for an amazing day! All in all it was a great day, full of ministry opportunities. MAJOR Kudos to Mark & Lauren Estes and their team for spearheading this incredibly challenging ministry event! Awesome job guys!!

I did not get to go around to the other projects, but Doug did as he was chronicling the day’s events on video. He said that from his perspective, everything went extremely well at all the ministry sites. I have since talked with a few individuals who said their projects went great. We heard comments from our own folks like, “We have to do this more often!” and from those we helped like, “I can’t believe you all are doing this.” and “I don’t know what to say.” and “I’ll be at your church next week.” and “Thank you! Thank you!” That’s just a few of the things I have been told. I am certain that there are many more stories. I’d love to hear them too! Leave a comment with your team’s story.

With that many different types of ministry projects the responses will be varied. You never know what passing out a bottle of water might do for someone. A water bottle, a smile, an invitation to church, may just be a last hope for someone. A lonely wife whose husband is overseas may be given hope that people do care and appreciate her family’s sacrifice for our country and for freedom. A widow or single mom who never can seem to get ahead may have received a blessing that will give them hope that God still provides. It’s all about bringing hope to our community…not “hope” as political slogans, but Hope…real Hope…a Person…Jesus the Christ…the Hope of all mankind!

By the way, keep wearing those “Don’t Go To Church…” t-shirts. They create quite a buzz! I love the looks I get. Maybe it will give you a chance to open up in conversation about the Hope that you have.

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, (1 Peter 3:15)

Do you love your community? Or do you just love living in your community? Even though we’re back on our regular schedule next Sunday (9:30 & 11:00 am) with an awesome celebration gathering that you will NOT want to miss, don’t just GO to church from now on, but keep BEING the church!

2 thoughts on “We DIDN’T Go To Church Today…

  1. Michael Graham

    Steve our team had a great time helping do yard work at the ladys house off of Cohran Store Rd. When we were finished she came out to pray with us and told us that everytime she looks at her yard she will remember the blessing that she received today. She said that she used to truly enjoy her yard but in recent years she was not able to keep it up. She said that now she will be out in her yard again and it makes her truly happy. Today was a great day not going to church but Being the Church. Thanks to everyone for making today such a great day. Hopefully we can do this again soon!!!!

  2. Mark and Lauren Estes

    It was very cool on our end to hear how everyone resonded when we asked them to lead or help out. EVERY single person we called jumped at the opportunity and took their project as their own. We got to work with the Brice family at our home and they were AMAZING!! Jason is a landscaper on the side and did this job like he was getting paid big bucks to do it!! It was so awesome to see entire families jump and and find something they could all do.

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