“Don’t Go To Church March 9th” Recap 2-24-08

Man, were we ever down in attendance today! About 100 off our average! There are TONS of people sick and many still out of town from Winter Break this week. I hope everyone is well and back in the swing next week. I think my own household is on the final stages of getting well.

Part 4 of our “Seismic!” Series today was on “Shockwave.” We talked about the next wave of God’s seismic activity is in the community. We looked at Acts 1:8 and noted that Jesus said to his disciples that “you WILL be My witnesses in Jerusalem…” Not that they (nor we) OUGHT to be His witnesses, but that we will. The first place He said that of was Jerusalem. THEIR city, THEIR community. Our first responsibility is to rescue those in OUR community. The church is supposed to be about changing our community.

I’m sure that this series, especially the last couple of weeks, might have made some folks uncomfortable. It has mostly been a visionary series about the biblical mandate for the church. It is not about us, but about Him and about others. If some people are looking for a “cruise ship” mentality and philosophy here, then they will be disappointed and that doesn’t bother me one bit. But if people are looking to be a part of a mission, with a battleship philosophy, then The Ridge is your place!

We are going to do something that I have heard of only a few churches doing. On March 9th we are telling all of you Ridgers: “Don’t go to church…BE the church!” We announced at the end of our gathering that we are NOT having our regular worship gathering on March 9th, but we WILL gather at Austin MS and then go OUT into the community to minister to the people in our community. We will have several projects for you and your family or your small group or just a group of people we connect you with that day to go and do. We are going to show the love of Jesus to people in the community by NOT going to church, but BEING the church.

I am excited about it and can’t wait to see how God uses us, but also how He blesses our people on that day! It is going to be amazing! If you are a Ridger and you weren’t here Sunday, then you can let us know that you want to participate by signing up next Sunday OR you can send an e-mail to info@churchattheridge.com . You’ll get a t-shirt and an opportunity to minister alongside others @ The Ridge. It is CRAZY to think that a church would cancel regular Sunday services and go out into the community. Yeah, it is…and I love it!

Watch for more details soon. In the meantime, if you know of someone who could use some yardwork or fix up work or of a ministry that we can assist that day, let us know. One thing we are looking for is widows, single moms or military wives whose husbands are deployed right now and could use some simple yard work, clean up, or odd jobs done. If anyone has contacts regarding some of these folks let us know that too.

Taking the church into the community…this is going to be exciting!

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