conference Day 2

Yesterday was the full day at conference. It was a great conference. Probably the best one yet as far as content…especially in the large group sessions. I really enjoyed the fact that the sessions dealt more about leadership and the leader, than about church planting practices per se. I had said on my evaluation last year that there needed to be more content for leaders who were 1, 2, 3 years into the church plant, than on how to get ready to plant. Someone else must hav had the same sentiment along the way, because it appeared they listened. I was totally ministered to and challenged, which I needed.

Favorite quotes:

  • Darrin Patrick spoke on The Spiritual Leader and reminded us of the importance of the daily process of repentance we all need. Quote: “You know you are repenting and believing the gospel when your heart is relaxing its grip, over time, on the things you think you need other than Jesus.”
  • Mark Batterson did an amazing talk on the Secure Leader based on 1 Samuel 14 and 15 about Saul. Great principles of being a secure leader. Quote (based on Saul in 1 Samuel 15:10-12): “People who think little of themselves build monuments to themselves.
  • Bil Cornelius ended the conference with an awesome talk on The Resilient Leader. Could quote the whole outline! Great stuff. The first point stuck out a little to me: “The Resilient Leader in every difficulty, sees an equal and opposite opportunity.”

I was excited to have the opportunity to go with our whole team. I think God used this time to refresh, encourage, and challenge each of us. I’ll definitely be revisting all of this stuff. I also was grateful to have the chance to reconnect with several of my friends who are planting churches in various places or who are fixing to. It is always good to network and catch up with people of like vision.

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