conference day 1

Went to day one of the conference with our team today. Here are a few highlights:

  • Shawn talked about DISCIPLINE as a leader – spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally. We all needed to be reminded of that! Some great assessment questions on self-discipline from his talk are on his blog HERE.
  • Steven talked about the COURAGEOUS LEADER – praying “sun-stand-still” prayers…not trying to be “Moses” when we are supposed to be “Joshua”…God doesn’t want us to be Potato Head churches (an eye from here, a nose from there, etc.)
  • Favorite quotes:
    Joshua didn’t pray for the Red Sea to be parted, because he needed the sun to stand still.” Furtick”If you are praying for the sun to stand still, you better be ready to fight all night.” Furtick
    We can’t ask our people to be disciplined until we are disciplined” (paraphrased) Lovejoy

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