Sunday Recap 2-17-08

Today was an interesting day @ The Ridge. It was exciting in some ways, crazy in others. We were very much down in attendance, but not as much as I was expecting. With the school holiday starting this weekend and with the incredible amount of sickness there has been in our area, I thought we’d be lucky if anyone made it today. Three of the four staff wives were home with sick children, mine included. I didn’t feel 100% either. We were so shorthanded in our children’s environments that I wondered if Wendell would be able to pull anything together. But God showed up and we had more people than expected and everything came together.

We had a chance to see 3 fathers baptize their children during a special baptism between our 2 worship gatherings. It was awesome to watch the generational change taking place as these dads all were instrumental in leading their kids to Christ…one of which was just baptized himself last summer!

We had a little excitement in the middle of the baptism as the fire alarm went off. However, it was because of a little too much smoke from our fog machine, so no worries. Props to the school system administrators and the firemen that are in our church who handled the situation. Thankfully it turned out to not be that big of a deal. Just an interruption…(even though I got a bit too hot about it! Sorry!) 😦
As we continued our “Seismic!” series, we looked at the next waves of God’s seismic activity in the world: “Tremors: The beginning of movement.” – A changed heart leads to a changed family-a changed family leads to a changed church

We talked about what the church is and is not. What our roles as families are in God’s seismic activity and what our role in the church is. I am sure that some people may not have wanted to hear what we talked about today, but it is a reminder that we need to hear often. I pretty much laid out the principles that the church isn’t here for YOU and ME, but that WE, together as believers in Christ, ARE the church and we are here to glorify God and accomplish His mission to reach the world with the gospel.

I’m sure that some people who were here looking for a church to “meet their needs” may not come back. However, I hope that they will and that their perspective on the church might be changed. We have to be about the mission…and not waste our time, resources and energies on things that don’t accomplish that mission.

We as a staff are heading to the conference at Mountain Lake Church in Cumming tomorrow and Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. This conference is always good. Shawn and the guys at MLC always do a great job. It is going to be good for our team and I know I need it too.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap 2-17-08

  1. Ellis Prince

    I would love to be have gone. I have another commitment that trumped the conference. Grab a bunch of free stuff for me and let me know what sessions I need to get on DVD. Thanks for all you are doing!

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