WOW! Everyone’s sick!

Things have gotten a little better at our house. This virus is still working its way through the family, but it seems to be less severe with each one that gets it. Whereas my 6 year old ran a 101+ fever for 5 straight days, and I had it for about 2 days, everyone else has had it for about 24-36 hours. Maybe it won’t get my wife and the baby. So far they have been spared.

That Zicam stuff really works I think. I have used it this week and, while I felt bad and have had a chronic cough for 2-3 days, I was still able to work and keep going. I don’t think it was as bad as it could have been.

Wendell called me tonight and said that the majority of the RidgeKidz and RidgeKidz Jr. workers are going to be out tomorrow…mostly because of sickness. WOW! It is going to be an interesting day!

I am excited about our baptism between the two worship gatherings in the Atrium, Sunday. It is going to be different and, I think, exciting!

God is up to something “seismic”.  I know, because the enemy is doing his best to distract and discourage. That gets me pumped! Can’t wait to see what God has planned!

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