“I Grew!”

This morning, my 11 year old son asked me to measure him before I left for the office. So I obliged him. Now, let me give some background here.

I was a “late bloomer” as an adolescent. At the end of my sophomore year in high school, I was just barely 5 foot tall and weighed 100 pounds, with winter clothing on! 🙂 To make matters worse, I was a year ahead of where I should have been in school, because I skipped the 3rd grade. (child prodigy ya know 😉 ) That’s another story though. Anyway, this combined with my late blooming, made me quite the “shrimp” my first two years of high school. So, over the summer between my sohpomore and junior years, I grew 7 inches (no lie!) and gained about 30 pounds. It was ridiculous!

Well, my son is likely going to be just like me. He is always wanting to know if he has grown; his friends, even younger ones, are growing faster than he is and it bugs him…I know, I’ve been there. I assure him that he is normal and that not all healthy kids grow at the same rate. So, back to this morning. I measured him and sure enough in the last month he has grown 3/8 of an inch. Was he ever excited! He ran to everyone of his sisters and his brother and told them, “I grew!” He even interrupted his older sister’s shower to tell her. After literally months and months of measuring and the line not moving, he finally saw some growth. It was fun to see him so excited about 3/8 of an inch.

As a leader in the church, we can sometimes get discouraged by not “growing” as fast as others. We can go months and not see the huge, mushroom numeric growth we see in some places.  But healthy bodies grow in ways that are not immediately evident on the outside.

Lately, God has been showing us things that are happening in people’s lives at The Ridge that are just as exciting as my son’s growth spurt. I have seen people in my small group, and others, taking significant growth steps. We have seen God saving people. We have seen people’s perspectives being changed in amazing ways. I am hearing stories each week of significant growth steps people are making and it is exciting! We have already almost filled up our Family Fusion family camp for this summer! Families are desiring to grow and are making some shifts of perspective. Dads are coming up saying how they led their child to Christ this week. Wow! Yes, sometimes it is just “3/8 of an inch” or less, but it is growth. I believe that God is growing us deeper for a season in order to grow us wider in the near future. There are some significant, “seismic” changes coming in our church, but it all begins in individual hearts: the “epicenter” of God’s seismic activity in the world.

I am excited about part 2 of our Seismic series this week as we talk about the “epicenter.”  I hope you’ll be here and that you’ll bring someone who needs a fresh perspective on the church, God, and their life.

I hope you’ll get just as excited as my son about small growth steps, small changes that God is doing in your life and those around you. I hope we will never become a church that is satisfied with our growth…not just in width, but in depth. And that we will be so excited that we’ll tell everyone we know “I grew! Look what God is doing in my life! I grew!”

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