Real Beauty

We are getting back to some sort of normalcy around here. My daughter is doing fine with all of this and has amazed us with her attitude. (Although she did say she really didn’t want to go to Target yesterday.) We saw her doctor yesterday and he said the ER doc did a very good job of stitching. We won’t know for about 6 months whether we will need cosmetic surgery, as it will take that long for it to completely heal. Stitches will come out on Monday and she is scheduled to get her braces off on Tuesday.

I have on many occasions the last two days, wanted to cry. I have relived the moment in my mind in the middle of the night when the crashing awakened us. What has touched us most however, is the number of responses and e-mails and calls from people saying they are praying. What a blessing is to be a part of the Body of Christ! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Please keep praying for her healing.

Real Beauty we always say comes from within. For those that know my 14 year old, you know that she just loves life and mostly takes everything and keeps rolling. She is really handling all of this amazingly. Her real beauty, she seems to understand, is not in the exterior. So many girls would have totally freaked out about their face being scarred. While I know she might at times be self conscious about it, naturally, for the most part her attitude has been great. She never has said anything about what she might or might not look like as a result. As a matter of fact, she said to my wife yesterday, “Don’t worry mom. It’s going to heal just fine.”

Teach your daughters…and sons…that beauty comes from God’s Word and Jesus Christ in their lives, not form the world. Teach them to develop Character not Sensuality. My wife had a great blog post about this subject featuring a video from the Dove company…the soap people, not the chocolate. Check out what she, ironically, posted the day before this accident…HERE.

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