EARLY Morning…

It was about 3:45 AM and my wife and I were startled awake by a horrendous crash! We ran from the bedroom and heard another crash, quickly followed by another (all of this happened in a matter of seconds, mind you).  Still trying to figure out what was happening and not really even having time to think about what it might be, we ran into the kitchen to see my 14 year old daughter standing in front of the china cabinet with a cup of water in her hand in which was a large piece of glass from the door of the cabinet. There was glass everywhere…and I mean everywhere…and she was bleeding profusely from her face.

Apparently, she was thirsty and got up to get a drink. As she was heading back toward the door downstairs, which is right next to the china cabinet, something happened. She really isn’t sure what. Either she was still groggy and half asleep or she got a little dizzy, but she walked headlong into the china cabinet!

Kim was pretty distraught. It was bad. Several cuts on her nose, cheek and chin. One of which was about a 3+ inch gash all the way down the side of her nose. I quickly got dressed and we headed for the ER. The good doc at Tanner Medical Center, sewed her up nicely and she now sports 17 stitches in her face.

My 14 year old daughter is probably one of our more easy going kids and she seems to be fine with it all. She just looks at it as another one of “her moments.” Mom seems to be having a harder time than daughter. Please pray for her though, that she will heal and that there will be little or no scarring. I doubt our insurance would pay for one and we likely cannot afford a plastic surgeon, but I will explore every option if necessary. It is definitely an opportunity to reinforce inward beauty to our kids. She definitely has both sides of beauty covered. 

We got home about 6 AM and I got back in bed for an hour or so. I finally got to the office late and tried to focus on the tasks of the day. Not easy, though, as I have prayed repeatedly for her and thanked God that it wasn’t worse. Just a half an inch to the right and she might have lost an eye. My wife called me a little while ago and I asked how our daughter was doing. My wife said, “Oh she’s fine. She’s already put her picture on Facebook.” I love that kid!

Here is the result of the fall with the infamous china cabinet (minus the glass):


Thanks for your continued prayers for her! Thanks to God that it wasn’t worse!


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