Hairy Slushmen

As a result of last weeks “snowstorms” we still have remnants in our yard…and around the community…at least until the rains today. They were intended to be snowmen but appear to be hairy slushmen. Here’s how it happened at our house:

The kids were rolling snowballs to make a snowman. My oldest daughter didn’t want to mess up the snow in our own yard, so she had her siblings and neighbor friends rolling snowballs in the yard of the vacant house across the street. Then the idea was to move the snowballs to our yard and put the snowman together. There are 2 problems in the south when you only get an inch or less of snow on the ground: the amount of snow and bermuda grass. It took most of the snow in the front yard across the street to build this snowman and because of the small amount of snow, he wound up being made with a lot of slush and mud mixed in. In addition, he was filled with grass. If you are from the north, you don’t have bermuda grass, so you don’t have this problem. One good thing about it is that the snow lays very nicely on bermuda. Even a small amount of snow will begin to collect quickly and look very pretty and smooth on top of a bermuda lawn. But there is also a lot of thatch…dead grass…in it as well.  Therefore when the kids roll a snowball it tends to pick up lots of the dead grass along the way, making your snowman look somewhat hairy and fuzzy with dead grass.

Well, the kids tried to move these rather large snowballs across the street without much luck. I was called upon to move them…uphill I might add..and across the street. Let’s just say they got pretty zealous with their snowball rolling.  These things were pretty big!  I had to roll them across the street…which was wet, not snow-covered….thus picking up much dirt and making the snowballs more like big dirty slush/ice balls. Well we got this rather large snowman finally put together. The kids then tried to brush off all of the grass on the surface and cover up the muddy, grassy parts with “fresh” snow, so He would look better. Here is the result:

snowman.jpg  snowman2.jpg

The funny part, not only of our snowman but of many I’ve seen the last couple of days, is what happens as things warm up. The outer layers of snow melt revealing more and more grass, leaves, dirt, etc. The slushman becomes more of a dirt and grass ball man. They start looking a lot like the snowman Pigpen builds in the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon:


It is much like me, when I try and cover up all of the impurities in my life, all of the stuff that doesn’t belong there and act like I’m all good. In my life, even though I am a Christ follower, I pick up a lot of junk rolling through the world each day. I can either deal with it by bringing it honestly to the Lord or I can try and cover it up on the surface with some “fresh snow”. The problem is, when the heat comes the surface melts away and the impurities show through. Kind of what Jesus was talking about in Luke 6:43-45 . What I am really made of, what I have stored up in my heart, what I have picked up along the way in life and kept inside will all begin to surface in my life.

That’s kind of what we have been talking about in our “Confessions…” series at CATR. It is all about dropping the “pose” and being honest with ourselves and God. We have to be honest with others (see James 5:16), but mostly we need to be honest with God. As a Christ follower, I may sin and pick up a lot of impurities as I roll through life. That’s why I need to stay in close communion with Him and daily…hourly if necessary…bringing those things to Him, so he can make me clean, just as Jesus taught Peter.

Thankfully, even though I am a dirty, hairy slushman most of the time, I can be made clean again. I don’t have to just try and cover it up. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18)

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