Passing of an old family friend

Last night an old family friend passed on. This friend has been with Kim and I since we were married over 20 years ago. He was a faithful companion while we were in seminary, seeing us through some pretty lean times, always making certain that we were at least fed something and even assisted with Christmas decorating when we couldn’t afford decorations. He has been with us through many years of youth ministry, birthday parties, family nights, and social gatherings as well as late night “meals” when it was too late to cook.

This faithful friend has brought much joy to young faces seeing him in operation for the first time. His more contemporary counterparts simply cannot compare to him and we are all very saddened by his passing. Here is a picture of him as we bid farewell. 😦

Popcorn popper

Yes, it is my popcorn popper. My REAL, Stir-Crazy, Self-buttering popcorn popper!  If you’ve never made you own for real popcorn (not microwave) or if it has been a long time, you are missing something. I remember several years ago when my oldest had a slumber party and we were watching a movie, I asked if the girls wanted popcorn. They all said YES! and I pulled out the trusty old Stir Crazy.  They all said, “What’s that?!” I said, “It’s a popcorn popper.” NONE of them had ever seen a popcorn popper. An entire generation of microwave popcorn eaters. Sad! I was soon surrounded by about a dozen 10-11 year old girls with eyes wide open, amazed at what they were seeing. Real popcorn popping before their eyes! They all said later that it was the best they’d ever had.

Well, after over 20 years, I think we got the most mileage out of that popper. The heating element finally gave out. So we pay tribute to a faithful friend. A constant and sometimes comforting late night companion.  We salute you Stir-Crazy! Our lives are never to be the same without you. 🙂

One thought on “Passing of an old family friend

  1. kermooch

    Now I regret not borrowing it a few weeks ago when we were out of microwave popcorn and Kim offered to lend it to us 😦 Our condolences on your loss.

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