Sunday Recap 12-2

Yesterday, we kicked off our Imagine Christmasseries. I knew God was up to something, because I was very pumped about the message as I had prepared. Well, that was confirmed a little before 6:30am Sunday morning when I go a call from our Operations team, saying we had no key to the lock on the trailer hitch and couldn’t get it to the school. I knew it was going to be a great day at that point! When I got to the school a few minutes after that, our normally dependable operations team was short-handed by at least 3. The trailer with all the sound and lighting finally arrived an hour late. Well, the guys worked hard and got everything set up just in the nick of time. Our first gathering starts at 9:30 am and they were still setting up the preschool area at 9:15, which was the same time the band was starting the run through of their last song! Wow! It was a crazy morning that got even more interesting as the first worship gathering began. We had a couple of video elements in the agenda and wouldn’t you know it, the computer decided to do something unexplainable and there was video but no audio. The lighting computer decided to do some random flickering too. As frustrating as all of that was, I just prayed, because I knew God was planning to work.  The tech team and the Operations Teams and the Creative Arts team never panicked (at least not that you could see! 🙂 ) They just kept working through the kinks and everything came together in the end. The band actually sounded as good or better than I have ever heard them! The music was perfect and set the tone for the message very well. It was one of those mornings, but I have to give props to all of those who made it happen yesterday. Fantastic extra effort! after all that, the 11AM gathering went smooth as silk! God worked in both hours and there were at least  2 in each gathering that indicated a desire to follow Christ for the first time. We’ll be following up with them. Overall it wound up being a great day! Attendance was strong at 363 (great considering that there were at least 30+ regulars that we know of who were out!) and there were several first time guests with us.

Afterwards a large number of folks took door hanger invites to put out in their neighborhoods for this Christmas series. Thanks for being willing to invest your time by inviting your neighbors. We expect to see a lot of new people coming this month. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do!


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