Why Did I Do That?!

The day after Thanksgiving at my house is traditionally when all of my family comes in to visit. They are spread out over Ala., Tenn., and Fla. So, Atlanta is most centrally located. We always look forward to this time together, because it is the only time all year we are all able to get together in one place. This year one of my brothers and his family got to come and actually spend Thanksgiving Day with us. We had a good time, especially all the cousins hanging out together.

Anyway, yesterday…the day after Thanksgiving…we had some time before the others arrived, so instead of just sitting around the house looking at one another, we decided to go to…I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…the MALL! 😮 I haven’t been in a mall on the day after Thanksgiving since I was in college working retail. I can’t stand all the crowds and traffic.

I think after the experience of being herded like cattle up and down the mall, then sitting in traffic for more time than I actually spent IN the mall, I would rather have had a cheese grater rubbed across my back and had rubbing alcohol poured on me. (was that too graphic? sorry.) Well, I did get a shirt at Old Navy for $10 and my two oldest daughters got some much needed jeans for $14, so I guess in that regard it was a blessing and might have been worth it.

Remind me never to do that again, however!

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