Life…just busy…

Yesterday was one of those crazy days that you sometimes have. Nothing earth shattering, just life stuff keeping you busy all the time. I ususally take off on Mondays. Its a good day to regroup. I usually have to mow yards (my side-job) on Monday, but this week I didn’t have any on the schedule. So I was kinda looking forward to running a few errands and doing some stuff around the house. I was especially needing it this week, because Sunday was one of those days that just drained me.

We were short-handed on Sunday for set up and literally didn’t have things ready to go until 10 minutes before the first gathering was to start! Its a wonder I was in any shape at all to preach. I felt very inadequate…but God…seemed to use the moment and spoke inspite of me and everything. Isn’t that the way it ought to be? After our gathering, we had our second half of membership class. All good, but exhausting at the same time. Anyway, not complaining…I was just looking forward to some recoup time Monday.

Well when Monday came about everything just got busy. Nothing bad really, but the day just got eaten up slowly but surely. Started off with breakfast with one of our men. Great time of fellowship and sharing about what God is doing in his small group. Had a couple of errands to run to deal with some health insurance issues for the kids…don’t get me started on that!…but no one was in the office, so had to come back. Went to Wally World, Post Office, Bank, then back home. Kim was taking one of the girls to the orthodontist, so I was slated to take our littlest one to Target for pictures. As I lef the driveway, the van died. With a family our size it is critical that the bus is operational at all times, since my pick up or my daughter’s small car are inadequate to carry the whole crew. Luckily Kim had not left yet, so we split up the kids and she took half and I took half in our remaining vehicles and we were off. Pictures and orthodontist done and back home, I had to head back to deal with the insurance issue. Still no one in the office, even though they were supposed to be…AAAGH! Ran another errand to pick up a mower, then back to the insurance office (this is a whole other story by the way!). Finally got that taken care of. In the meantime, my wife is taking our oldest to an Algebra Co-op class while my second oldest stays home with the younger ones. I’m back home just in time to grab a corn muffin and head out the door to pick up my daughter from Algebra, while the rest of the family sits down to supper. After returning home and eating a late supper with my oldest, I head out the door again to see if I can make the van limp to a friends house across town so he can maybe fix it. On the way there it starts running fine! He checks it and doesn’t know the problem (isn’t that the way it always is!). Might be dirty or clogged fuel injectors. A stop at Wally World (second time today) for some STP to put in the tank and I’m back home by 9 PM. Just in time to read stories and put the younger ones in bed as my older two and my wife watch “Heroes” I catch up on e-mails and finally sit for a minute. WHEW! That was my day OFF.

I know it isn’t much different from most of us. Some have busier schedules every day. I’m not complaining, but I many times find myself allowing the day to be chewed away by the urgent things of the moment and I can forsake the important things. Like prayer, reading God’s Word, just talking with my wife and kids.  Life…some days it’s just like that. But is that all days for you and I? Maybe we should slow down a minute in our daily life, so that those days like yesterday are fewer and farther between.

Am I living life battling the urgent at the expense of the important? Just a thought. Anyway, one day I’ll get rested, but today I have to go….

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