Big Steps

One thing I have felt is that God wants us to take big faith steps in Kingdom work. I have had that confirmed repeatedly over the last several weeks and months. I had lunch with Brian and Matt from West Ridge today. It was good to talk with those guys and get some insight on where we are as a church. We talked about where they were at our age and some of the things we are facing as well as some of the things we are seeking God for right now.

In talking with them, they simply confirmed some things I had been feeling and what God seemed to be pointing me towards through His Word, prayer and through reading what others are doing. What I believe God wants to do is stuff I can’t explain. Stuff that doesn’t make sense. I think He wants to do some things at The Ridge that are God-sized! We as a staff team have sensed for some time now that God is about to do something big on the horizon. There is a breakthrough of some sort fixing to take place. God is working and so is the enemy. We must be “prayed up” as a church!

I said when we started CATR that I longed to be a part of things that I couldn’t explain, outside of God. The Lord is going to be opening some doors soon that will be scary, exciting, and IMPACTING! Are we willing to walk through them? Are we willing to take some huge faith steps? I pray that we will! Get ready!

One thought on “Big Steps

  1. Its great to see others getting excited about what God is doing. No better place to be than in His hands allowing Him to be the master potter. thanks for sharing and may God bless you as you do His work for His Glory.

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