Rules of the game

I was thinking yesterday as my wife claimed victory in our blog race…which I let her win(see yesterday’s post). But just as she determined when the “race” would end…all in fun 🙂 …I think WE do that in our lives sometimes.

Isn’t it just like us to try and bend the rules in our favor when it comes to God and His Word? We tend to find or hear something that we don’t like and then we decide to change the rules. Most of us would never knowingly change God’s Word, but we do “interpret it differently” to make it say what we really want it to say. I have heard preachers and lay persons do this. I am sure that I have been guilty of it myself. There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.” That is somewhat cliche’-ish, but it is what we tend to do. Why do we do that?

We also tell God what we will and will not do:

“I will follow you anywhere, God…except there.”
“I’ll talk to anyone about you and invite them to church…as long as they are in my social circles….or NOT in my social circles”
“I’ll serve in any ministry…as long as it is something visible.”
“I’ll trust you with…whatever…unless it makes my life different, or uncomfortable, or changes my lifestyle.”
“I’ll follow you in my lifestyle and habits…until I have to lose friends or lose face in front of them.”

You get the picture. I’ve done a lot of this in my life over the years. Why do we do that?

I think we tend to change the rules or bend them in our favor because of one thing. It is the one thing that has been the root of all of our problems and sin since the beginning. It is the most difficult thing to overcome in our lives and our walk with the Lord. All of our sin is built on this one sin. It is PRIDE. I’m not talking just arrogance, but self-centeredness. Anything that is rooted in self is sin. Not that God doesn’t want us to enjoy things in life, but is the motivation of my heart ME?

Find something that you think is a gray area in God’s commands and ask yourself, “Why am I questioning this?” If I have to ask, usually I already know the answer. If in doubt, I should ask “Is this really about me satisfying self?” That’s PRIDE. God has laid it our pretty clear, but we tend to muddy things up with ourselves and then we want to change the rules. We say, “I’ll determine when the game ends and what the score will be.” All the time working God’s principles and bending them to our SELF-advantage.

One thought on “Rules of the game

  1. Lora

    “Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.” I also pondered this thought extinsively after riding past Nebo Methodist Church this morning. A coincedence? Probably not.

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