Just what is victory? Is it set by your own standards or is it set by agreement between competitors? Remember when you were a kid and you played kickball or baseball or something in someone’s yard and there were certain ground rules? Remember the frustration when those rules changed during the course of the game or just at the end to give the advantage to one team?

Well, my wife has claimed victory in the “blog hit race” of ours. She said victory meant when she passed me. Regardless of whether or not I made a comeback. I guess the game clock was in her head and not visible to anyone else. šŸ™‚ She passed me in blog hits this week and claimed victory, saying Game Over. So I guess it’s over since she is the one who started it and then ended it on her terms. Okay honey, you win. You are much more the blogger than me. So I ask again, what IS victory?

What she doesn’t know is that I let her win! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Victory?

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