It has come to my attention, and that of the IBHL (International Blog Hit League), that someone has been cheating to assist my wife in the blog hit race. Shelly…wife of our Creative Arts Pastor, Doug…has been illegally adding blog hits repeatedly on my wife’s blog! This is totally against all sanctioned rules for such competitions. She isn’t even reading Kim’s blog, just clicking on it and laughing hysterically…or so I’m told. 25 blog hits from Shelly’s blog to my wife’s in the last 2 days…PLEASE! I know Kim’s blog is good, but there can’t be that much new information that often!

As the wife of a minister, Shelly should know better than to cheat like that. I am ashamed! Shame, shame, shame! If this illegal activity continues the IBHL will have no other recourse but to shut down the blog of the offender and begin passing out fines and suspensions. All large quantity referrals from said suspended blogger will be disqualified in the future. An investigation continues… 🙂

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