I remember an old song called “Anticipation” back in the 70s. They had a Heinz ketchup commercial that used the song which said, “Anticipation…it’s makin’ me wait…” I don’t think I’ve had a greater sense of anticipation than I have this week as we are preparing for 2 worship gatherings. I really believe that God is about to do some significant things in our area! And the cool thing is YOU and I and CATR have a chance to be a part of it…if we choose to. We cannot create or manufacture a movement of God. People try it all the time. God moves as He wills. BUT I believe we can “prepare our fields for rain” as that scene in Facing The Giants portrays.

How do we do that? First of all it has to do with what we focused on the last two Sundays…especially last week. Will we live in pride or brokenness? Those are basically the two options we have in relation to God. Pride says, I know what’s best and I’ll do it my way. Brokenness is not an emotion. Tears do not equal brokenness. Brokenness simply is the humble, obedient response to God’s work in my life. If you missed last week, pick up a CD this Sunday.

The second thing we need to do to prepare our fields is PRAY. Communicate with God on a regular basis. LISTEN to His Spirit and through His Word. Pray for God to use you and others to make an IMPACT on the community.

I believe that God wants to do amazing things in and through CATR. Will WE be willing to let Him? Will we choose to be broken (humble obedient response) or prideful (all about me and what I want)?

I am anticipating some exciting days ahead! I believe God is working in individual lives and families. He is raising up an incredible army of strategic servants who volunteer week after week and do an amazing job of “setting the table” every Sunday at The Ridge!

Join me in PRAYER this week and beyond as we look to God in anticipation of what He is going to do!!


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