Feeling the Heat

Yesterday I worked on my side-job of lawn mowing. I just had 2 yards to do, but it took me from about 8:30 til 1:00  to do them. I’m not complaining, but it was HOT! Duh…we live in GA and it’s August!  I was whooped when I got done. It just drains you to work in the heat. It took me back to my seminary days in Texas when I did the same thing. I would mow every afternoon in the Texas heat after class. Two days a week I’d get to mow in the morning, but it isn’t much cooler when by 8AM it is already 90 degrees!  I felt for the guys I passed on the way home yesterday who were working on paving Ridge Road. That is ridiculously hot work!

We have lately been feeling the heat a bit around here as we prepare for two worship gatherings this Sunday. It is exciting, but we can tell that this is something that the enemy does not want to see happen easily. We have had numerous hurdles thrown in front of us in recent days. Everything from shortages of people, finances and resources to curve balls thrown at us by printers and the post office. Our plans to mail out 14000 cards to the community were screwed up when the post office informed us that the new regulations, that went into effect with the change in postal rates, prohibit us from sending out more that 2500 cards per day. That definitely puts a wrench into things! We are sitting here with all of these cards ready to go and can’t send but a few of them at a time. Our only choice is to do what we can under those restrictions. Next time we’ll have to do it differently.

That’s just an example. Time and space won’t allow me to go into everything else. Suffice to say, we are feeling the heat! BUT that EXCITES ME!! Yes you heard me right. It EXCITES ME! Because I know that God is fixing to do something significant here at CATR. It is going to be incredible to see what He has in store in the coming months! It just means that we all need to be praying for one another and keeping our focus on the vision He has set for us to carry out. Our enemy doesn’t mess with us if we aren’t focused on God and walking with Him. If we are pursuing Him and His mission passionately, then the enemy starts paying attention to us and simply wants to discourage, distract, and defeat us. Don’t let that happen!  Keep pushing forward!  The Goal and Vision is worth it!

Remember, when the heat turns up…look up! God is fixing to do something!

I can’t wait to see all of you this Sunday for our 2 Worship Gatherings!!

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