Thankful for friends

This morning our family was on our way somewhere all together…in the big green bus of course…and after stopping for gas could not start the “big green.” Someone jumped us off and we got about 100 yards out of the Kroger parking lot when it died again. No chance of starting again either. Well the whole Whipple crew started walking up the road to the nearest convenience store. Quite a sight I’m sure! Ten people…little stairsteps heading up the road.

Well two friends came to the rescue. They didn’t hesitate when I called either. Kerri came with her van (not as big as the “big green” but big enough to help out). We had to squeeze a few extras in the van…quite illegally I’m sure. Aaron and I stayed behind to attend to “men work.” (cue grunting noises!) Moments later Bobby showed up and graciously gave us a hand. QUick diagnosis was dead battery. So dead that a jump would not even sustain. Anyway, we got it swapped out and “The Big Green” is on the road again.

I’m thankful for friends. Friends who don’t hesitate to give a hand when called on. I hope that I can be that type of friend, pastor, even a stranger. I believe that is what God has called us to be.

I am reminded of those type of folks every Sunday when we have such a phenomenal group of volunteers who make CATR work. You guys are awesome! God is using you to impact lives for eternity! Big things are ahead as we look to 2 gatherings on the 12th. Thanks for your service! Thanks for friends who care about one another and even about people they don’t know. In reality they are serving people yet to be born as we seek to be God’s instruments to “impact another generation!”

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