Saturday Celebration

Saturday night we had our Saturday Celebration service which for the past year we have done on the Saturday of a 5th Sunday weekend. We then take Sunday morning and encourage families to worship at home. There is always a family worship at home guide provided on our website to assist them.

This past Saturday was our latest one of these. We celebrated with Family Dedications, Baptism, Communion and this time we even ended with a brief covenant wedding ceremony. It was a unique and great service.

BUT it was stinking HOT!! The air in the school was not on AT ALL. It had to be 85 degrees in there. I was absolutely dripping. At the baptism I told the young man that was being baptized that I wanted to jump in there with him! I felt sorry for everyone there. It is so frustrating when you pay for utilities and don’t have air (or heat in the winter sometimes). There is also no way to do anything about it, since the air is all controlled by one computer for all the schools in the county at th e central office. If someone doesn’t remember to program it or if it doesn’t get done correctly or something, then too bad. You just have to suffer. We had as many fans as we could round up – I brought 4 from my house, someone else brought 2 and we had 2-3 others along with those big floor blowers they use to dry floors at the school. It was pretty noisy.

Anyway, we still had a great worship gathering. Kim and I got to do a special dedication of our 2 month old daughter Andie Marie. It was pretty special despite the uncomfortable conditions.

Well, that’s my complaint for the day. I could say it a little more…shall we say differently…but I won’t get in the flesh. We’ll tell the school system Monday and they’ll say that the computer shows the temperature was 72 degrees or something like that and that will be the end of it. That’s usually the way it goes. Oh well, we ARE grateful to the Paulding County School District and Austin M.S. We ARE blessed to have such a wonderful facility. The majority of the time the temp is fine. So we will thank God for the blessings He has given us and be grateful for having a great place to meet and a great administration and faculty at AMS that allow us to use their facility, as well as a school system that is open to churches using various schools, especially since there are some who are still fighting battles to get permission to use schools in their community. (wow that was a long run-on sentence!)

So thanks to the Lord for His grace and blessings. Thank you for the changed lives we celebrated Saturday night. Thank you Lord even for the heat too!

One thought on “Saturday Celebration

  1. Steve

    I must add that the school district graciously did not charge us a utility fee for last Saturday. The info was passed to those who are supposed to program it in, but somehow the request just didn’t get into the computer for that day. It happens. We are grateful for the discount. Thanks to Paulding Co. School District.

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