Back From Family Fusion

Last night our family returned from CATR’s first Family Fusion Family Camp. We left Sunday afternoon and returned Wednesday afternoon. The “mini-week” was awesome! Eleven families participated in this first experience and ALL of them already signed up to return next summer!

What IS a family camp anyway? Well, as a youth pastor for so long, I was always frustrated by the fact that kids would go to camp and have a fresh experience with God, but would return home and many times have water thrown on their experience by family. Even churched families would unwittingly douse the flames that had been kindled in the hearts of their teenagers.  Some “Christian” parents might even go so far as to intentionally put out flames because they didn’t want their kids to get “too radical.” It always saddened and frustrated me because families were rarely impacted, because parents just didn’t get it; mainly because they hadn’t experienced what went on at the camp setting. That is one reason we felt God leading us to establish a tradition of Family Camp at CATR.  The entire family from preschool to elementary age to teenager to adult was able to experience the camp. Since we were the one’s planning and putting it on, we were able to tailor-make the experience for the families involved. Entire families were impacted on various levels at the same time. We believe that God has called us to “impact another generation by changing people’s perspectives” and that is what God began to do this week.

The week was simply awesome! We saw God begin significant works in the lives of individuals and entire families.  Major PROPS to Wendell Brewton (our Family Pastor) and his team of volunteers who did a phenomonal job! I honestly believe that what took place during these days in the lives of these 11 families will pay dividends for a long time.

Next year we hope to at least double the number of families attending. Be warned! We have challenged each family to commit to inviting others. Your family might be on their “hit list!” By the end of September we plan to have dates, locations and details for Family Fusion ’08.  Watch for it and don’t miss it!

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