The List

 A few weeks ago, our staff leadership team went on a retreat to pray and plan for the upcoming months. We focused on a couple of questions: “What got us where we are?” and “What will take us where God wants us to go?” As we prayed through this and talked about it, it became apparent that there was much needed in the way of finances, resources, material needs, and personnel needs in order to go there. We simply didn’t have the resources to do any of it. We spent time on our knees before the Lord and came up with what we have simply called “The God List”. This list is everything that we believe, as we see it now, that will be necessary to accomplish what we feel God is leading us to do in the near future. We decided to just commit it to prayer and lay the list before the Lord, asking His people to join us in doing the same. You don’t know what’s on this list, but God does. We purposely didn’t publish the list outside of our staff. That way, if something is met on this list it will be without question a God thing! We are simply asking you to join us in praying about “The List” and seeking God for the future of CATR. If He lays it on your heart to do something specific, by all means do it and let us know. We’ll just trust Him and give Him only all the glory for His provision!

I am pumped about what God has on the horizon! It is going to be amazing to see what His plans are in the coming months!


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