CATR Looking For Connections Pastor

We are officially putting out the word that CATR is seeking someone to join us as Connections Pastor. We have been prayerfully seeking someone for several months now in a behind the scenes kind of way. But now we want to put the word out broader. We know that God has someone to join us and we want the right person at the right time. So far He has not revealed the person nor the timing. However, we’ll just keep trusting in His guidance until He brings that person to us. In the meantime, here is some info about the position. If you or someone you know might be interested, pass it along.

For a brief cover letter telling some info about our area and church CLICK HERE: Connections Pastor Cover Letter. For the Connections Pastor Job Description CLICK HERE: Connections Pastor Job Description.

One thought on “CATR Looking For Connections Pastor

  1. andygoswick

    Oh my gosh! I think I about died when I read “High quality video camera” and then I get down to the Braves Game tickets on the job duties!! Hilarious.. One of the things I love to see with people working in the ministry is a sense of humor; along with being real. I love ministry leaders who have a sense of humor and can enjoy life and what they do for Christ. I believe it’s important that they are real as well; they’re not walking around with a Bible on their shoulder 24/7. Just my little bit of observation.. 🙂

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