Last night I was reading and watching the Braves get slaughtered by the Red Sox. 11-0? Are you kidding? What’s up with the Braves anyway? Its a good thing the Mets stink right now too! Anyway, I couldn’t take anymore so I flipped channels and landed on the last half of American Inventor. I have never watched this show, but found myself intrigued by it. I love ideas. Maybe its the visionary in me, but I love to see other people’s ideas, talk about them, read about them. I saw on this show though, people sometimes have some of the dumbest ideas! I mean who thinks some of this stuff up? I was laughing (along with the judges I might add) at some of the weirdest, dumbest, most useless ideas I’ve ever seen. Like the guy who “invented” the body squeegee (sp?). It was to replace towels because towels have germs.  As the judging went on, it seemed that the simplest inventions with the most common sense were the ones that advanced to the next round.

I think when we talk about keeping things simple in church, we’re hitting on just exactly what Jesus was about. But we can never stop looking forward for new ideas of how to most effectively reach people. Its okay to change horses, but if we just keep adding more and more simple, cool ideas without leaving others behind, we might lose the whole simple concept. Somone once said, “what got you where you are won’t take you where you need to go.”  It is one of those truths that we know, but tend to not implement. I hope that we can always keep the simplicity of the gospel and the simple vision of changing people’s perspective at the forefront at CATR. However, I pray that we will not rest on past victories, but always be looking for fresh strategies to take into the battle.

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